The Mouth of The Earth Part 4


A voice grunted out from beneath me.

As I tried to move,                                                                                                                                          so as not to add any more injury to whoever it was I had just landed on,  I heard more shouts and groans of pain as I rolled over the tops of countless bodies. Finally rolling into a wall, I stopped. This room was filled with piles of other beings most likely humans. Humans who surely had suffered a similar ordeal as myself. Being swallowed up by the earth, away from their comfortable homes, their self-important lives. To a place such as this a hole deep in the bowels of the earth piled up in such an unimportant way.

“What is this place?

“Why are we here?”

“Do any of you know why we are here?”

After a long moment a voice answered me.

“This must be hell.”

“How?!” I asked

“Those…Things come down here and take a few of us at a time.”

“takes them up there…and they don’t come back.”

“we just hear them scream.”

I could hear the despair in his voice. I asked slowly. “How long have you been here?”

“I don’t know.” Was his answer.

“what do you think they do with them?” I asked into the darkness half-hoping there would be no answer.

“I think it eats them.” His reply made my heart beat faster. “I think we’re about to find out.” He added. After he said this we were silent except for the groaning of the pile of bodies and the distant echo of the crowd chanting “ILGASTUA” Looking up I could see the shadows and flames casting them and then a cloaked figure staring into the hole back at me. It peered over the edge slowly moving closer. I could then see a second cloaked figure climbing down the wall to me as well. My heart beating faster and faster as they both crawled in spider-like fashion closer, closer. Closer. Closer.

Closer.Closer.Closer. Closer.Closer.Closer. Closer.Closer.Closer. Closer.Closer.Closer




Hot Dance

Two girls entered the great hall, clothed in
exquisite dresses and smelling of the finest perfumes.
They were equally beautiful and yet both uniquely
formed. One Brunette and taller the other shorter, blond
and very thin. They walked delicately across the the
red carpeted floor. They were bookended by to men dressed
in all black suits including black shirts and ties.

The hall was filled with many guests all dressed in
their finest attire. None of them paying attention as
they were lost in conversations. The hall had many
large lights hanging from the ceiling that illuminated
room quite nicely.

The two men in suits roughly grasped the girls by
their arms and led them through the hall. The girls
protested more and more as they approached the center
of the room. In the center of the room there was a
hole about 7 feet deep. The suited men led the girls
upto the edge and held them there. The Brunette began
to scream and try to pull away. His grip was too strong.
the blond made no attempt and just stared into the
hole. The floor of it was covered in hot coals.

The crowd continued conversing as if nothing had happened
until overhead the lights were turned off. Now the only
thing giving any light to the room were the hot coals
in the hole. The crowd all stopped talking at once
and now gathered closely around the two girls. The
tall brunette thrashed more violently and pleaded with
the crowd and the suited man holding her arm.

The blond. still nothing. She just stared into the red
glare of the coals.

Over the crowd a large light up sign flickered on
with a single word on it. “Dance”
Having read the sign, the men pushed the two girls over
the edge and into the pit. They both landed on their
sides. The crowd exploded into fits of rage and began
tearing at each others clothes and skin. Screaming one
phrase over and over “Hot Potato!”as the Brunette
began jumping around on the hot coals trying
fruitlessly to get out.

“Hot Potato! Hot Potato!”
They screamed as they tore into each others flesh.
Simultaneously raping and cannibalizing each other.

The Blond just sat quietly on the coals and cried
gently as the brunette danced around screaming and