The Mouth of the Earth Part 5


The spider like creatures grasped me with human hands that seemed to be attached to them by stitching. I screamed out in pain as their hands closed around my ribs. I could feel my floating rib break and my skin ripped a little. The things pulled me along up the wall and back into the large room. Once again I was surrounded by the cloaked figures all staring to the great beast in the center of the room. The beast had three eyes that pierced right through me as it stared in my direction. A massive tree sat upon its head with branches stretching up into the darkness higher than I could see. I could hardly make out the beast’s figure as it was shrouded in darkness.

As the two creatures lifted me up above the crowd the chanting stopped. The beast began to move closer but the darkness surrounding it seemed to move closer as well. Then all went black. I must have passed out.

When I awoke in darkness I could feel the floor I was lying on was wet and warm. I could still feel the pain in my ribs and had trouble breathing. Out of the darkness a light appeared. I crawled toward it passing over what felt like rocks or worse, bones. As drew closer to the light I realized it was a lantern. I grabbed it and with great struggle stood to my feet and held the antern over my head. As the light filled the room I could finally see where I must have been,

The walls were made of red flesh and the whole room pulsed with a heart beat. I had found myself in the belly of the great beast ILGASTUA!



The Mouth of The Earth Part 4


A voice grunted out from beneath me.

As I tried to move,                                                                                                                                          so as not to add any more injury to whoever it was I had just landed on,  I heard more shouts and groans of pain as I rolled over the tops of countless bodies. Finally rolling into a wall, I stopped. This room was filled with piles of other beings most likely humans. Humans who surely had suffered a similar ordeal as myself. Being swallowed up by the earth, away from their comfortable homes, their self-important lives. To a place such as this a hole deep in the bowels of the earth piled up in such an unimportant way.

“What is this place?

“Why are we here?”

“Do any of you know why we are here?”

After a long moment a voice answered me.

“This must be hell.”

“How?!” I asked

“Those…Things come down here and take a few of us at a time.”

“takes them up there…and they don’t come back.”

“we just hear them scream.”

I could hear the despair in his voice. I asked slowly. “How long have you been here?”

“I don’t know.” Was his answer.

“what do you think they do with them?” I asked into the darkness half-hoping there would be no answer.

“I think it eats them.” His reply made my heart beat faster. “I think we’re about to find out.” He added. After he said this we were silent except for the groaning of the pile of bodies and the distant echo of the crowd chanting “ILGASTUA” Looking up I could see the shadows and flames casting them and then a cloaked figure staring into the hole back at me. It peered over the edge slowly moving closer. I could then see a second cloaked figure climbing down the wall to me as well. My heart beating faster and faster as they both crawled in spider-like fashion closer, closer. Closer. Closer.

Closer.Closer.Closer. Closer.Closer.Closer. Closer.Closer.Closer. Closer.Closer.Closer



The Mouth of The Earth Part 3



That is the phrase I heard over and over again as laid on the ground of this horrible place somewhere deep within the bowels of the earth. I could not bear to open my eyes, so I did not know for sure what was happening around me.

Who or what was chanting.

I was sure however that there were many voices chanting that terrible phrase. The voices grew louder until I could no longer bear it. I opened my eyes looking only at the floor thinking this would somehow protect me from what I could now see were many cloaked figures surrounding me. I could also tell the flames had grown larger and I could feel the heat.

My thoughts were interrupted by something gripping me by the skin of my back and lifting me off the floor. I screamed out as I felt my skin tearing as the creature carried above its head. As I was carried screaming I could see the mass of cloaked figures but could not see there face. In the middle of the massive hollowed out cave I could see what I can only describe as the outline of a great monstrosity. It was the only thing not illuminated in the room. Completely covered in shadow. The beast carrying me dropped into a pit. I could only see darkness below as I fell. This fall did not last long only 15 feet or so. I landed painfully smashing into what was unmistakably, flesh and bone…



The Mouth of the Earth Part 2



I screamed until my voice gave out. When I couldn’t scream any longer I was partly relieved. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the evil being quietly sitting nearby would devour me or turn me over to some worse beast. I was unable to think, I slumped onto the warm floor of the hole. As I lay there on the ground I couldn’t help but think of why this could have happened to me, I know it’s a bit of a cliche but that’s what I thought of.

Something grasped me by the ankle…

I couldn’t scream or protest on account of my exhaustion. The creature started to drag me away, mumbling under it’s breath. It was so dark, in the dreary bowels of the earth. I could see nothing as I stared up in to the bitter darkness of what felt like a tunnel I was being dragged down. I let out a whimpering question ” Where are you taking me?”

The beast said nothing and just continued on it’s way down the tunnel dragging me still by my ankle. I wanted to ask again but my voice failed me and all I managed was weak moan. After a few minutes or so of garbage bag styled travel, finally the creature spoke, but it was again in some strange language like nothing I’d ever heard before. But after a few moments I could tell it was repeating the same word over and over again. “ILGASTUA” I had no idea what it meant but just by hearing the strange voice saying this I was once again filled with fear for what worse terrors might befell me in this seemingly endless nightmare.

I moved my head around quickly trying to see out in the darkness, at first nothing, but then I began to be able to make out a small flickering light at the end of the tunnel. As we drew closer the light grew brighter and larger, each step the beast took, each time he repeated that evil phrase “ILGASTUA” brought me closer to the light. The voice grew louder as if a whole crowd were now chanting along to that horrible phrase. The fear took over me and I held my eyes closed half-hoping I would wake up in my bed…

I didn’t…

Edmund Paine.

edmund paine

The Mouth of The Earth.


I was sitting at the kitchen table of my small suburban house when I heard the commotion. It had been going on for a few minutes or so but wasn’t anything different than the everyday sound of the neighbors having some sort of arguement. I didn’t pay much attention since it happened so often. That is until it got louder, much louder. The voices I heard turned from angry to furious, screaming and yelling at one another. It actually made me uncomfortable this time, something was different. Anyways, I got up and walked over to the window over the sink and I tried to get a view of the neighbors yard because the voices sounded to loud to be indoors. To my surprise they weren’t in the yard like they normally would be, in fact the voices now seemed to be coming from the total opposite direction of their house.  headed towards my livingroom on the far end of the house, but looking out the window I saw no one. At thi point I started getting a little confused, “was the sound coming from this direction?” I thought to myself. It seemed it had but once again it seemed to change directions and be coming from somewhere else now. The voices were increasing in volume and stress I raised in tenseness as well. Rushing around the house I kept looking out different windows to find out where it was coming from. I ran to the front door, my heart was pounding now, it sounded like the voices were getting so violent someone might get hurt or killed. Opening the door and stepping out into my yard and then…

Silence. Complete Silence.

I didn’t know what was going on but I was relieved, even though I didn’t know why the voices stopped I was glad they did. For a moment I just stood there breathing heavily and sighing. But I snapped out of it with the thought “What if someone was just murdered?” With that I ran across my lawn and into the neighbors yard. I noted “No car in the driveway.” Within thirty seconds I was knocking on the door not knowing what I would do if they answered, I’d never even met these people. After knocking for a minute or so I busted the door in and fell to the carpeted ground. Down a hall I ran and into the livingroom. No one in there. Into a small bedroom. No one. Down the hall again and into a Master Bedroom. Again no one. This is when I started doubting myself. “Did I even hear that shit? Or was I imagining?”

I backed out of the room slowly at first then running once I realized these people might be coming back home soon. I reached my door as fast as my feet could carry me. I ran through the door slamming it behind myself. ” Oh No!” I yelled. As the voices had returned even louder and more aggressively. I tried to run for my bedroom but everything seemed to move in slow motion as I reached out for the door knob of my bedroom. Once inside I jumped into my bed and pulled the covers over my head. The voices were even louder.

I felt the room start shake. Things falling off of shelves and breaking on the floor. Then I could actually feel myself including my bed falling. My eyes were closed so tight but I knew I was already dead or would be soon from impact. But I kept falling and falling. I fell so long I finally decided to open my eyes, from under the covers I could see bright lights all around me streaming in from all angles. I pulled of the covers to see what they were and I was blinded Everything went dark and my eyes were burning so intensely I wished for death. I had never wished for death in my entire life I had always feared it the most but at that moment there would have been nothing more gratifying. I was screaming out in pain and I could feel my eyes burning deeper and deeper as I fell into totally darkness on my bed.

The earth had swallowed me as a whale swallows the krill. I was nothing, just a spec of dirt in the universe of a million worlds. This had never been clear to me before and now it made me cry for all the years spent in stupidity think I was Significant and full of value. “What total bullshit.” I thought as I fell through my darkness. I was more ready for death at every passing second in anticipation of merciful end.

The falling stopped. But there was no end as far as I could tell. I still could see nothingI could feel my body growing warmer and warmer as the seconds passed by. After a few silent moments I heard through the darkness, a voice. Speaking in no recognizable tongue I’d ever heard. The voice repeated over and over one phrase. “SHINDER GRUND NO KIE, EN DO MAAL.” It was the softest voice I had ever heard but I feared it. The heat increased, now feeling as though it were over 100 degrees. I responded to the voice. “Hello?”

Something Grasped around my midsection. I screamed knowing it would devour me. It’s grip encompassed my whole body. Still repeating the same phrase. “SHINDER GRUND NO KIE, EN DO MAAL.” At this moment it inserted what I believe were two fingers into my eyes, pushing it’s way deep into my eyes. I let out a whimper before being paralyzed by the pain.

I could see letters forming in my minds eye “THIS” was the first word I could make out. Then “IS  YOUR”

and finally “HELL”.

I couldn’t help but scream and cry with the realization of I was.

This could only be the end for me…

edmund paine

By Edmund Paine.