Jack Mercy | Chapter 1

I wrote this story when I was a young teen and I will be posting it on here editing and continuing it.


Somewhere between this reality and the next, there was a desert. This desert was known as the Dimlim. The people inhabiting this particular desert had taken it upon themselves to name the desert meaning “center”. For it was held among these tribes that the Dimlim was the center of existence.
There was the Vami Xeiml tribe to the west, the Femija tai to the east, and between the two there was a town named Zom Viatf. On the outskirts of Zom Viatf lived Darren Mercy.

At the moment of interest he was sitting proudly rocking his chair on the porch of his house. A wide grin was spread across his unshaven face, the source of his pleasure was a nazi soldier about ten yards from the front porch hiding behind a boulder. Darren raised his double-barreled shotgun and took aim for the top of the nazi’s hat which slightly protruded from the rock. He fired. Blasting a few chunks of rock into pieces. The nazi was no longer there. Darren sat for awhile confused once again. Darren Mercy had been repeating this same event every morning at the same time for the past six years. He would see a nazi soldier, attempt to fire upon him and then sit in his rocking chair very puzzled by the outcome.
His son Jack would try to sneak out of the house while he was usually to distracted to notice. But not today.

Jack had timed the event incorrectly thinking that his father would still be sitting and wondering about the nazis vanishment. He was in fact staring at the front door just as Jack attempted to creep out of it. “Get back inside the house…or you will never move again.” Darren said this seemingly calm but Jack knew better. This just meant his father wouldn’t hesitate to shoot him. “Someone could see you and then I would be crucified. for having brought a wicked being as yourself into the world. I’m not risking my life for your sorry ass.” He concluded.
Not wanting to be further insulted or possibly wounded physically Jack ducked back inside remembering to slam the door shut. He ran up the old wooden stairs. To the safest place in the house though it wouldn’t seem so to you and I. Jack stood in front of a horse trailer that was leaning on part of the caved in roof and partly on a pile of tires and a pair of car doors stacked one on top the other. You may ask how the trailer had come to rest in the house and at this time I can only tell you this, the trailer had been there for six long years, and had served as the boys sanctuary from his father.
Jack opened the sideways door and climbed into the trailer, inside his sanctuary he kept the few possessions he cared for ; a deer fur pelt from the one time he had made it far enough away from the house to hunt. He also kept a few other things, his hat he had made from the head and fur of a wolf, the other belongings he possessed was a small photograph of his deceased mother Patricia and a poster of the great City of Fielx which he had found in the trash and rescued it. The city of Fielx always crept into his dreams and he would quite like to go there. Jack picked up the picture of his mother and tried as hard as he could to remember her. But despite his efforts he couldn’t remember in the slightest.
Darren rocked his chair slowly back and forth laughing quietly at the boys futial attept to leave the house. He thought to himself that he would have to punish him to insure he wouldn’t try it again. Darrens favorite way of punishing him was to let him spend some time with the Dol El . This beast was a house virus that had taken up residence in the basement. The Dol El had survived by feeding off Jacks life force. Darren had been using it to punish Jack since he found it a few years ago. The beast would kill an average man in one feeding. But Jack was not average in any measure besides appearance, for he was known as a Were-Wulf.
Jack possessed amazing resilience to pain, and seemingly no remorse for his actions, and worst of all if his eyes gazed upon a full moon he would transform into a most dangerous beast. Darren enjoyed feeding him to the Dol El very much. He opened the front door and yelled upstairs for Jack to come down and “take his medicine” after no response he began to march up the stairs. Jack could hear him stomping his way up to the door of his trailer. Jack knew what was coming and knowing there would be no escape he bravely stood and waited to be fed to the Dol El.
Darren now standing inside the small dimly-lit trailer raised his right hand high in the air closing it into a fist and bringing that fist down on Jacks chin. Who expectedly dropped like a sack of potatoes, Darren didn’t bother to catch him, he just clutched the back of Jacks collar and dragged him down the stairs. Jack kept slipping in and out of consciousness seeing images of the stairs as he was being dragged down. He saw flashes of light as his father flicked the kitchen light on. Darren dropped him in front of the basement door and told him to get up.
Jack slowly pulled himself into a standing position, as he examined the door he noticed the many blood stains across the steel. At the handle he saw a particular one of his, from when Darren had slammed Jacks head against the door for not standing up quickly. His father reached and opened the door letting in the darkness. He shoved Jack in front pushing him down the staircase. When they both reached the basement floor Jack slumped to the ground, knowing the monster would soon feed off him. Darren made his way to the small lamp located in the opposite corner of the room.
The Dol El took the form of a black tar-like mass sprawling across a wall with two piercing eyes. Jack was facing it examining the many animal body parts and pieces of furniture protruding from it. The father walked along an opposite wall heading for the stairs but just before he reached the first step Jack asked in a weak voice “why”. Darren stood at the bottom of the staircase with his back to his son. He glared over his shoulder for a moment, then headed up, closing the door behind him. Now Jack knew he wouldn’t receive an answer but he thought maybe he could make his father feel even a slight bit guilty. He sat staring at the wall as he could hear the Dol El pulling itself down off the wall.The monster worked its way onto the floor. He turned and faced it, now sludging its way toward him. Jack used to struggle but he had learned there was no where to hide in the basement. It climbed on top of him wrapping him up like a python, squeezing tightly.

He could feel the cold substance that was the Dol El on his whole body. Slowly it started biting and scatching at his limbs. The Dol El pulsed a variety of vibrant colors as it sucked the life out of Jack. This hurt but not enough to make him cry out. He relaxed as best he could trying to resist the pain. Darren sat in the kitchen waiting to hear a scream. Nothing came. This infuriated him very much as he rose and preceded to lock the basement door.

Darren decided he should spend his time finding out what he would do for work. The factory where he had been employed had closed down a few weeks ago. And he was in dire need of money.
So bearing this in mind he climbed into his old truck and drove towards town. The drive to town was short, he only lived a few miles away. When he reached Zom Viatf he parked his vehicle near the only bar. Where could often be found some men of the area discussing the news of the week. Darren thought they might know where to find some work. He walked up the rickety steps to the swaying doors pushed them open to enter. Darren made his way to the nearest empty bar-stool and slapped his money down ordering a large bottle of whiskey. Then he searched the room with his sharp eyes.
Suddenly he spotted Roger Romero, one of his pals from the factory. Roger was a short man with light brown skin and a large moustache that crawled all the way down past his chin. When the man noticed Darren he yelled to him. “Hey man! Darren hows it going, man?” As he left his table and started to walk. Darren answered. ” I’ve been outta work for about two weeks now. How bout you? ” As Roger sat down at the bar. ” Nahh man, I’m doing great. I been working in this traveling freakshow man.”
“really? What…do you do?” “Oh no no no, man! I’m just like the driver and stuff ya know? were always looking for a new act tho. so let me know if you know anyone.” As Roger finished his sentence a grin stretched across Darren’s face. Because this had given him an brilliant idea, a terribly brilliant idea. “actually Roger I might know where you could find a real freak, for a price.”

Jack finally couldnt control the pain any longer and he began to howl out. The Dol El didn’t mind though it was much abliged to just keep biting and scratching at him. He could feel the beast becoming full and knowing the feeding would stop soon was not enough.

Jack had become angered, so he started trying to fight his arms free from its grasp. Punching and kicking the monster was the best he could do. Slowly the Dol El released him and worked its now fat black mass across the basement floor. He watched panting as it headed for the far wall. Jack was so angry he wasn’t thinking clearly picking up the lamp in the corner and throwing it at the Dol El that was now resting upon the wall. The lamp caught fire but then quickly dissipated into the black mass.
Jack stood slowly and walked to the stairs and looked up at the door. It was now completely dark but he could see just fine. Jack had never escaped the basement but that had never stopped him from trying. He had tried so many times to escape and the most likely way to escape he determined would be breaking the door. He quickly started searching the basement for something he could use to break the door open. After overturning a few benches and desks Jack remembered he had thrown the lamp at the Dol El. Then he remembered it was made of very sturdy metal and could have been used to pry the door off its hinges. Turning his attention to the black mass stretched across the wall Jack said. ” Hey you ugly beast! give me back that lamp.” The creature grew a pair of eyes to look at him with and said nothing. Jack started toward the Dol El now emboldened.
He felt like hurting the Dol El, really hurt the beast. He felt a sudden rush of energy and a voice in his mind urging him foward. Jack had seen the inside of the Dol El and knew exactly how to hurt it. rushing into the black mass he started kicking, punching and howling as the beast started to squeal. Jack beat his way inside the monster until he felt as though he were swimming in it.
Jack could now see the things that were kept inside it. he saw the thing he thought might be its brain, it was the form of a baby wolf. He wasn’t sure if this was the brain because he had never seen a brain before. Jack wrapped his hands around the neck and bit down hard on its face. When he did . The baby wolf started to bleed profusely the black mass fell to the ground with a splash releasing its contents onto the floor. The whole room was now filled with all manner of dead carcasses and furniture including the lamp. Jack rose from the debris and made his way to the lamp stepping over many terrible things along the way. He grabbed the lamp and started walking across the room to the steps, when out of the corner of his eye he saw what looked like a gun. He stooped down by it to take a look and it just so happened to be much longer and cylindrical in shape. along the barrel was a piece of tape inscribed “Panzerschreck” “anti-tank rocket launcher”. He recognized this as his fathers handwriting, his father must have gotten this rocket launcher during the war.
Lying next to the Panzerschreck was a smaller cylindical item. Jack picked it up and slid it into the barrel of the rocket launcher and then lifted it up vertically. He looked at the door and then he looked at the weapon. He had an idea that this weapon would work in a similar way to his fathers shotgun only a bit bigger. Jack had to drag it to the bottom of the steps on account of the size. He set one end mounted on an old desk. He held the other side with his hands gripping his finger on the trigger and took aim for the door.

BLAM!!! The rocket took off the door as well as part of the kitchen. The explosion started a fire in th kitchen as well, Jack dropped the weapon and ran up the stairs. He left the kitchen and headed upstairs to his trailer room. Climbing inside of it he grabbed his few belongings, putting his hat on and throwing the rest in a sack. He glanced out of a small window and saw his fathers truck driving up followed closely by a much larger truck with letters on the side, it read
“Rico Zonkas Freakshow Spectacular” Jack didn’t like the sound of that. As he saw the trucks park on the other side of the house he knew they would imediately see the state of the kitchen, so in a desperate attempt at escape he backed away from the window then ran full force at it. The window shattered as he flew through it landing hard on the desert sand. Jack got back up faster than he thought he could and crept along the side of the house until he saw the trucks. He noticed they were empty. His father must have taken his guests inside to investigate the kitchen. He knew his father would be furious and would maybe even kill him.
So Jack decided it was time to leave this horrible home but not before he made sure they couldn’t follow him to soon. He ran over to the trucks and slash the tires with his long sharp nails. After having done this he looked to the south. Which he was pretty sure the city of Fielx was in that direction, he took off running faster and harder than he had ever run before.


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