The Mouth of the Earth Part 5


The spider like creatures grasped me with human hands that seemed to be attached to them by stitching. I screamed out in pain as their hands closed around my ribs. I could feel my floating rib break and my skin ripped a little. The things pulled me along up the wall and back into the large room. Once again I was surrounded by the cloaked figures all staring to the great beast in the center of the room. The beast had three eyes that pierced right through me as it stared in my direction. A massive tree sat upon its head with branches stretching up into the darkness higher than I could see. I could hardly make out the beast’s figure as it was shrouded in darkness.

As the two creatures lifted me up above the crowd the chanting stopped. The beast began to move closer but the darkness surrounding it seemed to move closer as well. Then all went black. I must have passed out.

When I awoke in darkness I could feel the floor I was lying on was wet and warm. I could still feel the pain in my ribs and had trouble breathing. Out of the darkness a light appeared. I crawled toward it passing over what felt like rocks or worse, bones. As drew closer to the light I realized it was a lantern. I grabbed it and with great struggle stood to my feet and held the antern over my head. As the light filled the room I could finally see where I must have been,

The walls were made of red flesh and the whole room pulsed with a heart beat. I had found myself in the belly of the great beast ILGASTUA!



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