The Mouth of The Earth Part 3



That is the phrase I heard over and over again as laid on the ground of this horrible place somewhere deep within the bowels of the earth. I could not bear to open my eyes, so I did not know for sure what was happening around me.

Who or what was chanting.

I was sure however that there were many voices chanting that terrible phrase. The voices grew louder until I could no longer bear it. I opened my eyes looking only at the floor thinking this would somehow protect me from what I could now see were many cloaked figures surrounding me. I could also tell the flames had grown larger and I could feel the heat.

My thoughts were interrupted by something gripping me by the skin of my back and lifting me off the floor. I screamed out as I felt my skin tearing as the creature carried above its head. As I was carried screaming I could see the mass of cloaked figures but could not see there face. In the middle of the massive hollowed out cave I could see what I can only describe as the outline of a great monstrosity. It was the only thing not illuminated in the room. Completely covered in shadow. The beast carrying me dropped into a pit. I could only see darkness below as I fell. This fall did not last long only 15 feet or so. I landed painfully smashing into what was unmistakably, flesh and bone…




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