The Mouth of the Earth Part 2



I screamed until my voice gave out. When I couldn’t scream any longer I was partly relieved. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the evil being quietly sitting nearby would devour me or turn me over to some worse beast. I was unable to think, I slumped onto the warm floor of the hole. As I lay there on the ground I couldn’t help but think of why this could have happened to me, I know it’s a bit of a cliche but that’s what I thought of.

Something grasped me by the ankle…

I couldn’t scream or protest on account of my exhaustion. The creature started to drag me away, mumbling under it’s breath. It was so dark, in the dreary bowels of the earth. I could see nothing as I stared up in to the bitter darkness of what felt like a tunnel I was being dragged down. I let out a whimpering question ” Where are you taking me?”

The beast said nothing and just continued on it’s way down the tunnel dragging me still by my ankle. I wanted to ask again but my voice failed me and all I managed was weak moan. After a few minutes or so of garbage bag styled travel, finally the creature spoke, but it was again in some strange language like nothing I’d ever heard before. But after a few moments I could tell it was repeating the same word over and over again. “ILGASTUA” I had no idea what it meant but just by hearing the strange voice saying this I was once again filled with fear for what worse terrors might befell me in this seemingly endless nightmare.

I moved my head around quickly trying to see out in the darkness, at first nothing, but then I began to be able to make out a small flickering light at the end of the tunnel. As we drew closer the light grew brighter and larger, each step the beast took, each time he repeated that evil phrase “ILGASTUA” brought me closer to the light. The voice grew louder as if a whole crowd were now chanting along to that horrible phrase. The fear took over me and I held my eyes closed half-hoping I would wake up in my bed…

I didn’t…

Edmund Paine.

edmund paine


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